To celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the loudspeaker a number of initiatives uniting industry and research environment has been launched during 2015. Danish Loudspeakers 100 years – the coffee table book Thursday, December 10, 2015 is the exact day of the anniversary. 100 years earlier, on December 10, 1915, […]

2015: 100 years of sound – book publication and celebration

In 1976 the brothers Kim and John Rishøj established TC Electronic, with the aim to develop, produce and market top audio products based on digital signal processing for audio professionals and musicians around the world. Today it is estimated that up to 90 % of professional recordings worldwide in one […]

1976: TC Electronic is founded by the two Rishøj brothers

Associate Professor Ole Juhl Pedersen, Acoustics Laboratory, Technical University of Denmark, introduces courses in acoustic communication and becomes an international capacity in the area. Research on acoustic signal processing leads to Digital Signal Processing becomming a particular focus area at technical University of Denmark.

1968: Teaching in acoustic communication is introduced

‘Lydteknisk Laboratorium’ (Danish Acoustical Laboratory), a technological institute for sound was set up in 1941 as one of the first, independent, not-for-profit institutes under the auspices of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences. The acoustical lab was a result of needs identified not least by professor P.O. Pedersen, principal of […]

1941: Danish Acoustical Laboratory (now DELTA)

October 12, 1923 Axel Petersen (1887-1971) and Arnold Poulsen (1889-1952) successfully demonstrated for the public the first sound film recorded indoors. In essence, it was the first synchronized sound movie in the world, running a 23 minutes long movie in three scenes including actor performances and musical events. It took […]

1923: Ortofon behind breakthrough in sound films

1906-1909 Even before earning his reputation as inventor of the loudspeaker in 1915, Peter L. Jensen carved his name into fame. Working as an assistant at the then famous Valdemar Poulsen company, reputed for its arc generators for wireless transmission in communications systems, Jensen found the solution to wireless transmission […]

1915: The first public presentation of the electrodynamic speaker