100 Years Of Sound is a celebration of the 100th years anniversary of the loudspeaker. Magnavox was the first electromagnetic loudspeaker, initially used for navy and merchant-marine vessels during World War I and later on in the 1920s sold in the US market in huge quantities. The Dane, Peter L. Jensen migrated to San Francisco in 1910, 24 years old. Together with his close friend, colleague and co-inventor, Edwin S. Pridham, they invented the loudspeaker. Their first ever demonstration to the public of electromagnetic sound amplification was made to around 100.000 exited listeners at Union Square in San Francisco on Christmas Day, December 25, 1915. Five days later, December 30, the loudspeaker was used for the first time ever in an indoor demonstration of a loudspeaker. Californian Governor, Hiram Johnson, sick at his home in Green Street, made a transmitted speech through wires to a loudspeaker to an audience of about 12.000 at the inauguration of San Francisco’s new Civic Auditorium two miles away. The loudspeaker was born. By a Dane!

#100yosdk is used as a common frame of reference for anyone who wish to mark the birth of the loudspeaker. You can submit relevant events to the public calendar, you can write your greetings or anecdotes in the blog, you can tweet and you can post on the Facebook page.  #100yosdk is an open party with endless room for everyone interesed in sound – then and now. Enjoy!


Innovationsnetværket Dansk LydAn initiative by the Danish Sound Innovation Network.

The celebration 100 Years of Sound is an initiative by Danish Sound Innovation Network (Danish Sound). The innovation network functions as a hub for research environments, businesses, public organizations, policy makers and professional users. Danish Sound was established on January 1st 2009 and is part of the Danish national innovation infrastructure supported by a grant from the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. Danish Sound works through innovation projects, matchmaking, conferences, workshops and international activities with promoting the Danish sound-ecosystem within five areas: Recording & Reproduction, Diagnostics & Monitoring, Digital Media, Designed Sound and Assistive Technologies